It's just like super secure whispering.

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It's so simple!

whispeer encrypts all your data, to make sure you are safe and don't have to worry. But since all of this happens in the background, whispeer is still really easy to use! Plus, registering takes less than a minute and is completely free!

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The many benefits of whispeer:

  • Easy to use
  • Fast Registration
  • Ad-Free
  • Message friends. Post on their walls. Share thoughts, links and pictures of your awesome moments
  • All data is safely encrypted
  • Access your account on all devices and on the go
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Emma Hello Steve! :-)
Steve Hi Emma!
Emma Already seen the Doctor?
Steve No... Going tomorrow
Emma Please go! It's important...
Steve Guess you're right...
Emma Thanks..
Steve Want to sing a song?
Emma Pink Fluffy Unicorns
Steve Dancing on Rainbows
Emmas PC
whispeer Server
Steves PC
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